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1st October 2018

Tine flies when you are busy – and I have been very busy!  Thankfully I’ve been busy with things I’ve enjoyed.

All the publicity for Fun Palaces Bodmin is now complete and all I have to do now is enjoy all the activities going on next weekend.  This year, a range of venues all throughout Bodmin have decided to join in and host events across the weekend of the 6th & 7th October, so we needed some publicity materials that would reflect the nature of both Fun Palaces and serve as an umbrella identity for a variety of very different activities.

I developed a poster and leaflet that incorporated the existing Fun Palaces branding and used the general theme of “Fun & Games” which lead to a bright, upbeat “circus” style look.

Fun Palaces 2018 Leaflet and Poster

Fun Palaces 2018 Leaflet and Poster

Another large project remains ongoing, and I still can’t share the details, but it is proving to be a fantastic challenge and the pieces are slowly starting to come together.  I’m taking plenty of photos along the way so I can share them all later!

And just to really keep myself on my toes I’m having my second attempt at Inktober this year, so hopefully lots of beautiful (or at least lots) drawings will be created if I can make the time.  Wish me luck!