On My Desk – 19/05/18

My desk is currently home to some trad media pieces that are gloriously and hopelessly unfinished.  The first is a decorative frame I’ve been working on sporadically over the past couple of days.

Decorative frame
What goes in the middle?

I had a big pile of card I bought at Trago Mills in various neutral shades and really wanted to try using coloured pencil on it.  I ended up putting down a lot of very thin washes of white gouache so that I would be able to get the colours to pop.  The centre is painted in acrylic washes and the white lines are a mixture of gouache and white gel pen.  I’m not sure what will go in the middle yet, but I think it will probably be done on a separate piece of paper and glued in.

The other things that are sitting around calling out for attention are these little postcard sized pieces –

watercolour postcards
Postcards to be?

I found them when I was going through old paintings and realised they never got finished.  They were mostly an excuse to experiment with the heavy watercolour paper and various very messy techniques with paint.  I think there was spraying, cling film and rock salt involved in some of them.  I think I’d like to get a lot more texture on them and perhaps use some typography.  I’d like them to be a set, but still haven’t picked a theme.

Let’s hope I can be decisive in the next couple of days and get these finished off!