Some Actual Knitting I Did…

…and maybe also a bit of weaving stuff.

So a long, long time ago I grabbed all the purple and pink wool tops I had, carefully blended them into roughly speaking “dark”, “bright” and “light” rolags then spent an entire geological era spinning them into yarn. It took a long time, and a lot of Netflix (have I mentioned I’m slow at spinning and also easily distracted?).  I then took my new yarn and procrastinated over it for about a year.  I put it away, got it back out, mulled it over, considered the possibilities.  Finally even I was so fed up of myself I thought I could just make a shawl.

I chose a shawl because I didn’t really know what quantity of yarn I had and I could just knit bigger and bigger until I’d used it up and hopefully not run out of yarn 6 stitches from finishing.

I hopped on to Ravelry and nabbed this pattern from The Woolly Brew.  It’s a really great pattern for a beginner shawl-knitter and would be a good place to start learning to create your own shawl patterns, which I am currently quite tempted to do.

Anyway, it turned out quite nice, if a little on the bijou (small) side –

The finished article. Stripes are completely at random but look quite nice.


If you don’t accidentally knit at least one of your own hairs into everything I don’t even know what you are doing.

In other news I have been very spoiled by my dad who hammered over 300 tiny nails into an old picture frame to make a nice big loom for me.  Whether that’s just because every time I ask if I can borrow a hammer/pliers/electric drill he gets a sort of haunted look on his face I don’t know.  Here is his finished masterpiece with my recently spun yarn hanging from it as it dries out completely –

Just wait till someone opens that door…

Here it is compared to my other loom, and also an A4 pad of paper for scale…

…because a 10p piece would not be a good comparison.

So it’s quite a lot bigger.  I may be overambitious but I couldn’t resist that old frame going to waste.  There are lots of tutorials out there about making your own looms from frames, cardboard, playing cards, PVC pipes, obliging family members and pets etc. and it’s a good way to try it out.  My first piece of weaving was done in an after school club on a piece of cardboard,  it was a bit rubbish but I was 7 years old.  I have no excuse now.

I’ll be spending the afternoon umming and ahhing over the size to make my wallhanging and what colour to use for my warp.  But more about that next time…

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